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Power Delivery Solutions (PDS) is a provider of Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostic testing and monitoring for medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) cable systems and other electrical equipment, such as generators, motors, transformers and switchgear…

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We perform AC Hipot and Partial Discharge (PD) Commissioning testing of new underground HV cable circuits.

We provide Diagnostic Testing and Condition Assessment of aged Transmission and distribution underground cables…

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Case Studies

View our case study on Condition Assessment of MV Cable Accessories by Online PD Trend Analysis.

Learn about our process and what we do.

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Alfred Mendelsohn

Power Delivery Solutions
Techimp NA Representative

Phone/Fax: 347-673-6881
Cellphone: 732-539-2467
E-mail: mendelsohn@pwrds.com

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